Shutter: Volume One Excerpt

Who wants a little excerpt from Shutter: Volume One?

shutterFBprofile3 (1)

The back of the enormous limo is incredibly spacious, yet Niko is sitting so close I can feel the pounding of his heart against my arm, and smell the delicious cologne he’s torturing me with. Niko fills the limo, consumes every inch, but even if he weren’t sitting right next to me, I would feel his presence. I’m starting to think I’ll never unfeel him.

“So where exactly are we headed?” I ask, trying to calm the butterflies inside me.

“Do you like French cuisine?” he asks in his best French accent, adding a couple hand gestures to complete the effect.

I laugh, “Of course. Though, I’ve only had it a couple times.”

“Well, there’s this new French place not far from my friend’s club. I thought we would try it.”

“Sounds great,” I say, although some stuffy French restaurant is the last place I’d choose to go.

With the dinner portion of the evening decided, we fall silent, the obvious sexual tension pulsating around us. His arm brushes mine a couple times, but neither of us dare to move beyond that small contact.

Several minutes tick by before I gather enough courage to shift my eyes to the left to peek at him. Apparently having the same thought, Niko glances at me and our eyes meet. Shit! I look past him and out the window, trying to play it off.

After a few moments, I turn my head slightly, adjusting the way my hair is hanging over my shoulder, and shift my eyes to him. Once again, his eyes move perfectly in sync with mine.

He smiles.

I smile.

He laughs.

I laugh.

“Why is this awkward?” I ask between chuckles.

His laugh subsides and his smile fades.

“We both want the same thing, but we’re afraid of it,” he says, his voice thick with desire. His hand moves from the seat between us and skims across my cheek then down my neck. A flurry of tingles come alive and follow in his wake.

He has stolen my ability to form words.

“Every inch of your body is screaming out to me, begging to be consumed by mine. I know you can feel it, too. It can seem frightening, but it doesn’t have to be.” His mouth is so close to my ear, the warmth of his words flows down to my pussy.

His hand takes another drag down my cheek and my eyes close, overwhelmed at the sensations stemming from his touch.

“N…” I start to speak, but his finger presses gently against my lips.

“You’ve already made your intentions, or lack thereof, for this evening clear, I just want you to know, you don’t have to hide your desires from me. I feel them, too. You can just be you, that’s all I want…you.”

He leans forward and trails the tip of his nose down my cheek; his warm lips lightly graze across my skin. The brief touch of his lips to my skin effectively shatters any resolve I have left and years of pent up Niko sexual frustrations break loose.

My head whips toward him, and my lips land roughly against his. My hands cup his face, holding him securely to me as his arms encircle me and draw me flush with his body. Our mouths open in perfect harmony as our tongues glide and twist as one. A satisfied whimper echoes from my throat and an untamed growl resonates from him.

A knock on the window startles us apart. He leans in one last time and softly grazes his lips across mine before pulling back to let his eyes connect with mine.

“Still not going to sleep with me?” he asks with a wicked smile.

My head is full of him – his soft lips, his smell, his arms wrapped around me tightly, the rough whiskers on his face, the taste of him on my tongue…I can’t answer.

His hand cups my chin as his thumb swipes across my kiss-swollen lips.

“You think on that, and we’ll come back to it later.”

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